Vrchat | Forceable Face Reveal (twitch Highlights #70 )

Um you can see how goofy I look with my headset on my hair a mess half of my full body gear on who knows this game tonight maybe maybe maybe I’ll do it right now maybe I’ll do it real quick maybe it go and then go boom there it is now it’s gone who knew didn’t see that coming.
So you coming there was what’s the other one speak.

This thing’s language can you be a translator alright continuing this presentation of between Anna and Urkel see this is der go right this is the finger yes yeah and of course Anna is nice as we have here and I hear yes we all see them on VR Chet just slightly teasing each other through time and.

Space in space but we all know eventually is this what you wanted just use your boobs as like protection so if we get abducted just like throw your boobs at them you know we just.

Have to outrun her close I felt like ambushed alright what the fuck fuck you dude hey I’ll fuckin kill.

You though fuck off baby okay okay what the fuck is this some fucking nightmare there’s a darkness coming with the darkness and besides even if what you say is true we have the weapons to stop it however there is one that is missing not.

That you are worthy even to wield it when it was given to you by your gross impotence you will stand before the Sun and you if any is.

To blame for this darkness coming for its unsealing if that is true it is because of your incompetence to the.

Point out it’s just like opens your mouth like you enough to open God I.

Mean people G called me papa pause I guess but I guess that’s why I won with the force the forces in me is with me I’m not taking a picture I was gonna do sex let’s go get boys the kind of sounds you could go to a grocery store that sells dudes and you’re gonna get them in your mouth that’s what a fuckin sounds like you know like your slang is a little bit that’s my cheese are you fucking my wife this is lando legs just one like you.
Probably nothing comes out in an accident..